Industries Use Case


Digital Fleet Management for Landscaping Industries

Landscaping industries have adopted the use of GPS Fleet Tracking and Digital Management to ease the burdens of maintaining their fleet of vehicles and other assets such as expensive lawn mowers, blowers, weed whackers and tool containers. These businesses rely on their vehicles, equipment and employees to operate efficiently thus deploying a digital GPS Fleet Tracking and Management system to help owners and operators focus on their clients and their work. 

Our tracking platform and mobile apps help owners manage their assets and operators by dispatching the closest team to those client locations. With GPS Tracking, fleet managers will have an idea when each job site was started and completed and can help with factoring average job and travel times to aide in scheduling. Paired with driver behavior monitoring, owners and managers will now have a visual of how each vehicle and asset is being operated based on speed, harsh acceleration and braking, excessive idling and location tracking which helps promote good driving behavior.

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GPS Tracking for Courier and Delivery

When your in the delivery business, accuracy and time management is of the essence. Your customers expects packages to arrive on time and at the correct locations. With Top Fleet GPS vehicle tracking and management solutions, you can achieve just that. 

Our solutions can help delivery companies know when packages were delivered and recover mis-delivered packages with map data, monitor driver behavior data to help determine safe operation and promote safe driving.  

Our tracking platform is simple to use and provides all the important data up front. Simply click on the asset to be monitored and you will be presented with that assets current location, vehicle stats and full customization options to configure your tracking platform to best suit your operation.

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Reefer Trailer

Remote Temperature Monitoring and GPS Tracking for Reefer's, Refrigerated Trucks and Vans.

Remotely monitor the temperature and location of your refrigerated box trucks, reefer’s, trailers, vans and containers. 

Top Fleet GPS offers simple to use GPS Tracking Platform to help reduce downtime. Our platform is configured and ready to run for your business. No need to schedule time and resource consuming training sessions, simply login and click on the object to be monitored and all important data will be visible right on the screen.

Great for transporting or containers holding products which require steady and stable temperature. Now you will have live data with full configurable alerts and notifications when temperatures fall below or rise above thresholds and reduce unnecessary loss and stay compliant.

Power Sweeping Street Cleaning

Lower costs and improve business process with GPS Tracking and Fleet Management. Top Fleet GPS provides Fleet Management tools for the Power Sweeping industry with powerful customized reports, vehicle health status, vehicle speed, notification of broom operation, total distance operated, start and stop times. 

This automated process provides verification of work completed, enforces speed limits, and provides support in litigation. Our customized and automated reports can regularly show when each job was started and completed, the speed it was operated while the broom was in operation and the location and time of an incident.

Street Sweeper