Keeping Track of What Matters Most.
Simple and easy to use GPS Tracking and Digital Fleet Management without the annual commitment. 30 Days money back guarantee.
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Real Time Tracking For Just About Anything.

Everything from passenger to commercial vehicles, freight, trailers, watercraft, heavy equipment, bicycles, containers, personal trackers and much more.
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Real time Tracking

With our real time tracking and reporting, data is uploaded to your management platform fast and reliably providing you the information you need when it matters most. We go above and beyond the industry standard to provide customers with the fastest most reliable update speeds available to us.

Reliable and Secure

Our tracking platform provides safe and secure access to your data with reliable servers to ensure you always have the information available when needed most.

Reliable Coverage

Top Fleet GPS operates on the nations largest most reliable 4GLTE wireless provider offering you the best coverage available.


Our powerful self intuitive tracking platform gets you up and running fast!

Our tracking platform was designed with ease of use in mind. When you log into the Top Fleet GPS tracking platform, your presented with a simple uncluttered layout with just the basics that you need to start keeping track of what matters most. 

Benefits of Our Products and Services

We strive to provide the best products, services and customer support.

Simple to use tracking platform

We offer simple and easy to use tracking platform without all of the clutter and extra features you don't need. Top Fleet GPS tracking platform can be fully customized to fit your operation down to simply just tracking your assets or fully setup to manage your fleet and operation.

Real time tracking

Allowing you to see in real time each individual assets movements turn by turn and stop by stop providing much more accurate location tracking especially for time sensitive deliveries, appointments and pickups.

Simple and Secure Installation

Top Fleet GPS offers a simple and secure installation depending on your requirements. We offer easy plug and play devices, portable battery operated trackers to hard wired tamper resistant units depending on your needs and skill set. We also provide a nationwide network of professional installers if needed.

Pay as you go, Zero Commitment

Month to month, pay as you go service helping you and your business save even more by paying for what you need. Helps during fleet reduction and long term vehicle repairs.

Speed Alerts

Configurable email, text and popup speed alerts to monitor each individual vehicle speeds at all times. Helps reduce speeding tickets, avoid traffic incidents, promotes safe driving and aides in operator training.

Geo Fencing/ Geo Zones

Create geo zones to be notified when your piece of equipment moves outside of a pre-determined area or zone. Fully configurable to be enabled/ disable during preset date and times of operation.

Vehicle Battery Monitor

Eliminate dead batteries and free up resources by monitoring the health and status of your vehicle/ equipment's battery with low voltage warnings via email, text and/or popup notifications.

Tamper Alerts

Receive alerts notifying of power loss or if the unit has been unplugged. Avoid device removals by setting up alerts each time the tracking device has been tampered with. Top Fleet GPS also offers covert and tamper resistant devices depending on your needs.

Our Mission Statement

Helping businesses keep track of what matters most with simple cost effective solutions and ease the burdens of fleet managers and equipment management.

Affordable GPS tracking, digital fleet management and dash cams.

We offer affordable GPS tracking solutions to suit each individual industry, vehicle type and equipment. These Industries include: