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Plug and Play OBDII Vehicle tracking device

$14.99 on the 1st of each month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

The GV500 is a compact GNSS tracker that plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port allowing for easy installation. Great for transferring from vehicle to vehicle, monitoring vehicle stats and mileage, monitoring drivers behavior, preventing vehicle theft, tow alert and simple fleet management.

OBDII Y cable is available separately for purchase to allow for covert hidden installations to prevent tampering and unplugging the tracker.

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Our Plug and Play is a compact vehicle tracker that plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port allowing for easy installation. This tracker supports a wide variety of reports including emergency alarm, geo-fence boundary crossings, driving behavior monitoring, crash detection as well as external power supply monitoring and position reports.


  • Small-sized, Compact
  • Cost Effective Solution for Basic Tracking and Fleet Management
  • OBDII Connectivity Plug and Play
  • Internal 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Detection
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring and Incident Notification
  • Tow Alarm
  • OBD2 Y cable available separately for covert installations

Top Fleet GPS configures these units to report in real time with 5 second ping intervals. See your assets live on the move, each start and stop times, monitor for speeding or harsh driving and monitor vehicle battery status to avoid damage and costly battery replacements.

All service subscriptions include all available options and reporting. For multiple unit purchase and quantity discounts please reach out to a Top Fleet GPS rep @ 951-350-1620

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in